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Who is your lifetime match?

By Monday 20 July 2009The Web

I filled in an online quiz on Facebook. Here’s what it said:

They are born between 21st April – 21st May

Even though you’ve been told more than once that fairytales don’t exist, you just won’t let it go: you’re a big romantic and you carry on waiting for them. A smile, a bunch of flowers, a candle-lit dinner, a sensual kiss under a starry sky… some would say it’s an old-fashioned view but you love it! You fall in love easily but you’re a natural worrier and are always afraid of being abandoned. You have a continual need to be reassured in your relationships, which can sometimes be tiresome for your partners. This easy-going, affectionate person reassures you. You like snuggling up in their arms.

They are of a faithful nature, and by their side, you will no longer be afraid of being abandoned. They help you to express your emotions and to liberate yourself from your fears. Before meeting them, you feel like a little boy but they enable you to gain confidence…

This sounds like me in some areas, but it’s just a bit of fun!


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One Comment

  • Mambam says:

    I alwasy think things like this remind me of the weather forcast, they covers all angles without being specific about anything.
    But like you i do fill them in, read the results, pick bits out i like and think fit me. Then rubbish the rest as just a bit of fun. LOL
    I’m the same when i read my stars in the paper and i know for a fact that they are just made up rubbish.

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