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Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent

By Wednesday 22 April 2009Rants, TV, Online Streaming & Films

I don’t really watch Britain’s Got Talent, but David does. And he told me of Susan Boyle and that I had to watch her performance on youtube at: So I did. I was amazed by what I saw.

Both the audiance and judges prejudged her based on her looks and a two questions from judges prior to her singing. I was amazed by her voice, as were the audiance and judges.

But then it struck me…when did we stop appreciating the talent of singer, more focused on the looks or life style of the singer?

I wish it could be like it used to be. When singers were appreciated for their talent. Perhaps Susan Boyle has started this shift, as she doesn’t look like a typical singer. Yet her talent is outstanding and it is expected she will win Britain’s Got Talent and go on to be a worldwide best seller (according to BBC News

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