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Money Magick

By Tuesday 25 August 2009Money / Finances

I previously posted about my finances (See Credit Crunch). I had wrote a letter to the bank explaining my income, my expenses and one off expenses this month (MOT, Road Tax, etc.). I also advised the bank when the best time (for me) would be to reduce my overdraft facility. I then sent out some energy intentioned to help sort out my finances into the astral plane.
(Note: Citrine is a good crystal for money magick.)

I recieved a letter a few days ago from the bank stating they will not reduce my overdraft this month. They have stated that they will review my account monthly. So I still need to watch what I spend and save up to pay the overdraft back a.s.a.p.

It reminded me of my strong will and personal power that I have to influence mine and others lives. But I always need to remember: With great power comes great responsibility.

In love and light,

Antony x

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