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As a Taurus…

By Thursday 23 July 2009Paganism

I don’t really know much about astrology, apart from the fact that I’m a Taurus. So I thought I’d research Taurus as a Star Sign and see if it really applies to me.

SPIRITUAL GOAL : in each incarnation the true goal of taurus is to find their soul mate.
(from:, Accessed online: 12th July 09)

In honesty I do want to find Mr. Right. Is that the same as a soul mate? But at the same time it is not my only goal in life. There’s lots of things I want to learn and experience. There’s also lots of important people in my life (besides Mr. Right), my friends and my family.

POSITIVE : conservative, dependable, calm and loving.
NEGATIVE : stubborn, and be warned – never betray a taurus!
(from:, Accessed online: 12th July 09)

Conservative, I’m not sure if that’s positive or not? Ha. Ha. Yes I am dependable, calm (well sometimes) and loving. However I couldn’t help but think that this missed out some other of my other personality traits. Where’s my creativity, sense of humour and many other personality traits I value in myself?

Negatively I am very stubborn. But I have learned to recognise when I’m being stubborn and given time I’ll even come back and appologise for my stubborness. I’m not quite sure what it meant by: and be warned – never betray a taurus!

SECRET TAURUS : takes the long term view.
(from:, Accessed online: 12th July 09)

I don’t know why that is so called “secret”? But yeah, I do take a long term view of things.

TAURUS AT HOME : enjoys comfort and luxury
(from:, Accessed online: 12th July 09)

Very true. I love my new home and it is comfortable and luxiourious.

WORK : hard worker, prepared to work long hours,
(from:, Accessed online: 12th July 09)

I think I am a hard worker and at times do work long hours. I think sometimes I work a too many hours I am trying to cut down to keep my Work & Life in balance.

The website goes on to say:

LOVE : lucky is the starsign that finds a taurus partner, but be warned – a taurus will never forgive a betrayal.
FRIENDS : will expect absolute loyalty.
INTERESTS : painting, horse riding and collecting things.
HEALTH : watch your kidneys and thyroid.
(from:, Accessed online: 12th July 09)

Ha ha none of which seem to apply at all to me. So my conclusion is that although star signs can give you an idea of someones make up, it is not exhausive and not always completely correct.

We are all individuals and I for one like to be treated like an individual not a star sign.

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