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A Night of Laughter

By Sunday 23 August 2009Friends & Family

A few nights ago my good friend Sye came round to see the new apartment (and hopefully me?). We went for a walk for an hour or so to realse some endorphines. I really enjoyed the walk, I should do it more often. We chatted for about 3 or 4 hours, often having more than one conversation going at once. It was fun fliting from one topic to another.

Then we settled down with some chips and watched French and Saunders – Still Alive. We laughed our socks off. We have a mutal appreciation for French and Saunders (although I am quite clearly the bigger fan – as I simply couldn’t be upstagged by Sye).

What I love about Sye is that he understands how French and Saunders make there comedy. I’ve said that when he does his live tour, I expect front row tickets.

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