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Financial Blues

By Monday 8 September 2008Life, Money / Finances

I don’t often like to talk about money, especially on a public arena. However, things financially are they poor and difficult at the moment. I currently owe £6, 050 in debt. This is for various expenses including my over drafts from when I was studying at university and my car loan.

All of which have been essential expenditure. With the banks increasing interest rates at present I am forced to increase my payments from £230 per month to £380. An overall increase per month of £150.

I am a young professional that earns a decent wage, but this is a big difference. In addition to this my expenditure on food and petrol has increased as prices have rose. I am hopeful that this is only in the short term. But with what I read on the Guardian and BBC – News, it looks unlikely to be a short term thing.

I guess I will muddle through, knowing that there are those who are worse off than me. But I would love to see one day, my bank balance that is in the black not the red.

My only hope is that my family and friends do not suggle too much in this difficult financial time.

With care & hugs,


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