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something that makes you feel uncomfortable

An Update on New Experiences

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At the beginning of the year I wrote a list of New Experiences for 2013. It’s nearly half way through the year, a scary thought I know. So I thought I’d re-look at the list:

  • January – Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Done, see Something Uncomfortable.
  • February – Take a photo every day. Done, see the photos here: February Photo Challenge.
  • March – Be honest. Don’t lie, not even those little white lies. I found this one difficult to measure, as I’m generally quite honest anyway.
  • April – Socialise in new places and meet new people. I had a look for local writing groups, but couldn’t find any and gave up. I’m going to Pagan Con 2013 in July which will definitely be a new place to socialise and I’ll get to meet some new people as well.
  • May – See the sun rise & set (not necessarily on the same day). I’ve have had a think and need to see the sun rise & set somewhere beautiful. I hope to see a sun rise & set in July.
  • June – Do something for someone else that is completely selfless. I’ve not planned anything yet, but I’m sure an opportunity will come along.
  • July – Visit a site of historical significance. Done. I’ve visited The Druid Circle and Millom Castle with Simon. See Cumbria Adventure for photos.
  • August – Try a food that you would usually turn you’re nose up at saying you don’t like it before you’ve even tried it. I’ve not even thought about this one yet.
  • September – Publish a short story online. I’ve published two stories, see Bravely Sharing My Short Stories and Creative Writing. In addition, I’m doing some journalistic writing for The Gay UK, see Journalism page for articles.
  • October – See Wicked (the Musical). I’ve booked tickets to see with Steve. We’ve also booked tickets to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Up4aMeet.
  • November – Have a “pamper” night in. I’ve not even thought about this one yet.
  • December – Rest & Relax. Despite the busy pace this time of year, take plenty of time for R&R. I’ve not even thought about this one yet.
  • The phrase: could do better, comes to mind. Still at least I’ve got most planned.

    Blog soon,


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    Something Uncomfortable

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    This year I’ve set myself a challenge a month to try something new (see New Experiences for 2013). January’s was to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. I planned to get semi-naked for a full body massage; although this might not sound like a challenge, is for body conscious me. But in the end, I opted for something that I expected to be a challenge on a much deeper level.

    Every year since Alex died, those that knew him come together on his anniversary and set off Chinese Lanterns in his memory. I have always avoided this memorial, the thought of going has always filled me with nausea deep in the pit of my stomach. So I decided that this would be my something uncomfortable and went:

    Alex Memorial 1 - Chinese Lanterns

    Alex Memorial 2 - Chinese Lanterns

    Alex Memorial 3 - Chinese Lanterns

    I don’t quite know what I dreaded; but whatever it was the experience wasn’t anything like I had expected. Despite the cold and flakes of snow, I felt warmed with the memories of happier times shared. The experience taught me to be aware of my own preconceptions and reminded me that we are all interconnected to one another.

    So next time you are faced with an offer to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable, try saying yes. It might not be as bad as you fear, in fact it could be the complete opposite.

    Take care,


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