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Series 12

Themes from Dr Who (Series 12)

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Dr Who (Series 12) Image From & Copyright © BBC.

I’ve really enjoyed this series of Doctor Who. Here is a breakdown of themes from each episode:

Episode 1 – Spyfall, Part 1

  • The Doctor considers her new travel companions her ‘fam’.
  • Things can get into the TARDIS. More worrying the Doctor has no idea how they managed it.
  • Even the Doctor doesn’t know everything.
  • The Doctor lived in the outback for 123 years.
  • The Doctor is really hard to get rid of, even bullets don’t deter her.
  • There are times when the Doctor doesn’t know what to do.

Episode 2 – Spyfall, Part 2

  • The Doctor hates being in people’s Livers.
  • Where there is risk there is hope.
  • Dark times never sustain, even though at times it feels like it might.
  • The Doctor’s species are telepathic.
  • The Doctor loves a laminator.
  • The fascists never win. As long as there are good people willing to fight against them.

Episode 3 – Orphan

  • Holiday’s with the Doctor are never what people expect.
  • Never mind money when someone’s life is at stake.
  • Global Warming could end up in catastrophe.
  • People can be smart and change.
  • The future depends on billions of actions and people stepping up.
Yaz (Series 12) Image From & Copyright © BBC.

Episode 4 – Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror

  • The Doctor sometimes feels out of place.
  • Changing the world takes time, patience is needed.
  • Tesla and Edison were competitors.
  • Scorpions are bad.

Episode 5 – Fugitive of the Judoon

  • The Doctor is in search of the Master. She goes home looking for him.
  • Judoon are trigger-happy Police for hire.
  • Captain Jack is back! Captain Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman.
  • Jack’s message to the Doctor: Be ware of the lone Cyberman. Don’t give it what it wants.
  • Time is swirling around the Doctor. Something is coming for her, she can feel it.
  • The Doctor has lived for thousands of years.

Episode 6 – Praxeus

  • The Doctor has to work out the connections between a missing submarine, a missing astronaut, birds going haywire and alien tech, but to start with she can’t see the connections. Although she has ruled out the talking cat – LOL.
  • Yaz has got brave, or foolish, you decide.
  • Being married to an astronaut is impressive and amazing. But it can be hard to be married to someone like that, as it can cause massive insecurity.
  • It was so nice to see a gay couple kiss and express their love for one another on TV.
Ryan (Series 12) Image From & Copyright © BBC.

Episode 7 – Can You Hear Me?

  • The TARDIS has a database of all living things, past, present and future.
  • Everyone has fears, doubts and nightmares.
  • The Doctor is good at escaping.
  • Humans are magnificent.

Episode 8 – The Haunting of Villa Diodati

  • Nobody should interfere with the future.
  • The Doctor gets ‘vibes.’
  • Words matter.

Episode 9 – Ascension of the Cybermen

  • Cybermen suppress their emotions, are allergic to gold and can be held off by force fields.
  • The Doctor cares.
  • Doctor used to hot wire warp drives for fun.
Graham (Series 12) Image From & Copyright © BBC.

Episode 10 – The Timeless Children

  • The Master really is an insane genocidal maniac.
  • The Doctor is not above asking the Master to help her friends, even though she knows he will say no.
  • Paralysis-fields are a thing.
  • Death particles are a thing.
  • This episode gives the history of The Doctor’s race with regards to the unique regeneration ability.
  • People need The Doctor.
  • The is now a spare TARDIS.

If every episode had been like the last episode the series would have been fantastic. But sadly it wasn’t. There were too many eh episodes.

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