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My list for the Future

By Thinking3 Comments

Dear Future,

    Here is a list of things I’d like you to bring (in no particular order):

  • A machine that washes, drys and irons clothes
  • A self cleaning toilet
  • A Windows operating system that doesn’t crash
  • A charge-as-you-use laptop
  • A phone that finds you if you loose it
  • A phone that is “drop proof”
  • A phone that makes anyone (particularly me) sound sexy
  • A robot with OCD that picks up things after you
  • A robot that can fix practically any household appliance
  • A DIY robot for gay men (sterotypical, I know, lol, but honest)
  • A robot that can do all of the above
  • Naked glasses – so I can perve
  • An animal translator
  • An idea’s machine
  • A tablet for just about anything

Anything you’d like to see? Leave a comment.


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