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Career Prospects

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With the government cutting back in the public sector, I’ve been forced to think about my career prospects. As a trained public sector it would mean a complete career change. Here’s some of the idea’s I’ve had so far:

1. Psychic – I can read tarot cards, runes, etc. But very few psychics work full time and to be honest I prefer to do it for close family and friends rather than anyone and everyone. Plus it can be exhausting.

2. Microsoft Technician – Mum recently upgraded her Internet Explorer and was unable to use the new version! I sent a screen shot with numbers on and some instructions over email. Ha ha and amazingly they made sense to her! Now I know geek-sheek is in, but I can’t really see myself sat in front of a computer all day, I like people too much.

3. Entertainer – Now most of my jokes wouldn’t be suitable for TV even after the watershed. Plus I can’t sing or dance, even if my life depended on it! So that’s pretty much out.

4. “A Gentleman of the Night” – Ha Ha I think people would pay me to put my clothes back on rather than take them off for some action.

Although I joke of course, the government cuts do have a real human cost: I may not have a job. But while my fate is not yet decided, for me, it’s just business as usual.

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