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OddPrints – Print Photos in Any Size (including 3×3 & 4×4)

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earthy theme photo frame

I bought this photo frame (above) from Next a few years ago. I absolutely loved it, but couldn’t get photos printed in the 3×3 and 4×4 sizes that the frames required. I tried cutting the photos down, but they either didn’t look right or things/people that I wanted in the photo I’d have to cut off. So I ended up putting it away in a cupboard.

Recently, I came across the photo frame. I decided to have another look online for 3×3 and 4×4 photo prints and discovered OddPrints by Matt Burns.

Matt Burns recently said in email:

I wrote OddPrints mainly because I’m a programming-maths-nerd and I found printing photos for little frames really difficult. I figured what chance do casual computer users have?

Matt’s right he’s made it so easy; even a technophobe like me can work OddPrints. First you upload a photo, select your size (Below Left) and then choose any other options (Below Middle):

OddPrints Screen Shot

Upload your photo and select your size.

OddPrints Screen Shot

Choose your options.

OddPrints Screen Shots

How to print your own photos.

Then you can either print your own (Above: Right) with the guidelines on or get them professionally printed by OddPrints. I had mine printed by OddPrints; the quality of print and speed of postage were superb. When my photos arrived I simply cut them down and put them in the frames.

Hurray! A simple solution to my problem. I highly recommend having your photos printed by OddPrints. So if you need photos in odd sizes visit: OddPrints.

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