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Pagan Presents I’ve Bought Myself Recently

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Recently, I’ve got back into all things pagan. I have no idea why this is. Perhaps, now that my mood is stable and improved, I’m ready for a bit of spiritual growth. My birthday is coming up in May, so I decided to treat myself to some pagan presents:

I will of course review the books on this blog once I’ve read them. But don’t expect this to be any time soon, as I’ve got a large number of books on my To Be Read shelf.


This exquisite, highly detailed and top quality sculpture has been handmade by Kathleen Minton from Spirit of the Green Man based in Wales. I’m beyond happy with it, it is amazing and awesome. It has replaced a print of the Child of the Universe to take pride of place on the wall above my main altar.


I bought this Cernunnos (Horned God) bronze necklace. I’m going to make it into a protection talisman.


Cernunnos (Horned God) Pen Holder (1). Hand painted, glazed and made out part of a tree trunk.


Cernunnos (Horned God) Pen Holder (2).


Little Groot. I love Groot. I am Groot.

Write soon,


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