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Nick Clegg

Saturday 26th March 2011 – Anti Cuts March London

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I was there, and this post will explain why.

People coming together to show their opposition to the governments cuts.
I agree that cuts need to be made but I don’t agree with the depth and short time in which the cuts are being made.

I don’t believe other options have been fully considered by the government. I don’t think that the private sector has the capacity to pick up the redundancies from the public sector. I don’t believe that the private sector in the majority needs the knowledge, skills and experience of Nurses, Youth Workers, Community Workers, etc. whereas the public does, if we don’t image the issues we will have in our society in future.

I don’t think our NHS should be for sale to the highest bidder.

Finally I don’t think the government is listening to the people it is suppose to serve and I feel lied to by David Cameron, Nick Clegg and their parties. I believe things need to change and I’m playing my part.

I was in the heart of the protests, which for the most part were peaceful. I heard the roar of the crowd, the growing anger and frustration. There were reportedly 500,000 people there, but looking around I think the media may have under reported.

I hope that the next step is a National Strike by all Unions, if they wont listen to protest let’s him them with what they care about money. One day’s loss of production.

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