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NO Going Backwards

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Sometimes we are tempted to go back to old habits, routines and people. I recently have been tempted to go backwards, but after a lot of thought, decided not too.

In life things don’t always work out and I am a firm believer that there’s a reason why. But why are we tempted to go back? For me I think it’s I hope that it could be all that I imagined or that this time it will work and be as I’ve dreamed it. That it would make me feel like it used to or like I wanted it too.

But in the past when I’ve gone backwards, it’s always worked out the same way as the first time. So I’m not going to put myself through the ringer – learning the same old lessons again. I’ve got too many new ones to learn!

But more than that I deserve to be happy, as we all do. I know from past experience in the long run it would only cause me to feel the same again when it doesn’t work.

So in the interest of my happiness: NO going backwards, this year is strictly committed to new disasters! New habits, routines and most importantly new people.

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