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Last Weekend: My Housemate’s Hunt For A Cockatiel

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Steve’s new Cockatiel – Charkuro

Last weekend my housemate, Steve, and I set out on the hunt for a cockatiel. Steve had wanted a cockatiel for years and decided it was finally time to get one.

We scoured all the local pet shops. Most of them weren’t getting any cockatiels in for few weeks. But then we went into PAWS Pet Shop. They had three, two females and one male. We instantly fell in love with the male, who is cheeky, chirpy and curious.

The staff at PAWS Pet Shop are knowledgeable, genuinely care for the animals (evident by clean cages, fresh food and water and gentle handling) and were more than helpful. In fact they were superb. I should add here that I’m not getting paid to say any of these things. I was just impressed with the small local business and want to spread the word.

We left PAWS Pet Shop with the cockatiel, a cage, some food, some toys, some sandpaper and various other bird-related bits and pieces.

While Steve was trying to think of a name for his new pet, I started calling him Charlie or Cheeky Charlie. Steve made me chuckle by saying: ‘You don’t get to name my pet.’
‘Well what do I call him until you think of a name?’ I replied.
‘The Bird.’
‘Okay. I’ll call him “The Bird.”‘

Luckily for “The Bird,” Steve came up with a name the following day: Chakuro. He’s the newest addition to our household and settling in well.


Another photo of the extremely cute and chirpy Chakuro.

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