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A Celebration of Love: Mum & Ian’s Wedding

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Ian & Mum, with the Bagpiper playing in the background.

On Wednesday 1st July 2015, during the hottest afternoon of the year, Mum & Ian celebrated their love for one another by getting Wed. I’ve never seen my mum so full of excitement, she was like a child on christmas day. She looked exceptionally divine.

Even notoriously grumpy Ian, smiled and laughed often.

Mum and Ian were both lit up with happiness and radiated joy. I have never seen either of them so ecstatic. I was lovely and I felt honoured to see it and share the day with them.

As the Best Man, I had come up with the idea for the fishing trip stag do. But my role on the day was to get the men dressed in full traditional Scottish dress – including kilt and sporran. I think looking at the photos below, I did a pretty good job.

As Son of the Bride (I’m not sure if this is an official wedding role, but if it isn’t, it should be), I spent my time greeting, getting and entertaining.

Being so busy doing these two roles, I didn’t get time to take many photos. I was too busy being in them! But here’s a few photos I’ve managed to get hold of from other people:


Ian and Mum.


Left to Right: Neil (my brother), Me, Ian, Mum & the Bagpiper.


Left to Right: Auntie Sue, Me (showing off in a kilt) and Chris

After the ceremony, we all went back to Mum & Ian’s for a barbecue that went on late into the evening. This was followed up on the Friday by a much bigger party. It was a joint celebration of Mum and Ian’s Wedding and Mum’s Fiftieth Birthday (which had been on the same day that they had got married on).

I had a great time and wish them many, many more happy, joyful and exciting times ahead.

Write soon,


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