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Jetpack Annual Report

I HATE How Commercial WordPress Is Becoming & Bye, Bye, Jetpack

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I HATE how commercial WordPress is becoming! What went wrong? It started out as a community-based blogging platform. Now everything is about business and money and it stinks!

A good example of this is Jetpack. Jetpack is a plugin that recorded statical data about visitors and views. It used to be free and did these lovely annual reports.

Now the services provided by Jetpack, including their Stats has in the latest update become a paid model. Not just a paid model, but a subscription service – like money is no object. Sure it’s fine if you have a business and are making money.

But for a small author and blogger like me, let’s be clear: This website costs me more than it has ever earned me. But I keep it running, at a personal cost to me for my enjoyment. It’s a leisure activity.

So today, it was Bye, Bye Jetpack. I’ve removed and deleted the plugin. I encourage other bloggers to do the same. Let’s not give in to their financial demands and instead opt with our fingers and delete plugins and themes demanding money with their Dashboard banners.

It’s not just Jetpack. EVERY theme and plugin now expects you to pay, usually a subscription service, for regular updates.

Honestly if there were an alternative community-based platform, similar to WordPress’ past, that focused on development to improve user experience, rather than making developers rich, I’d switch. But there isn’t right now, meaning that at least for now I’m stuck with WordPress.

Blog – Yes blog, writing for pleasure, not to make money, soon,


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20,000+ Visitors in 2014 – Not Bad For A Little Personal Blog! :)

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Jetpack Annual Report 2014 – Crunchy Numbers

The numbers are in and according to my WordPress Jetpack Annual Report in 2014 I had 20,000 views of my blog. Not bad for a little personal blog! Click the image left to see the screenshot. Any image in this post can be clicked for full size.

My hosting provider Vidahost (who you can learn more about here) provide AWStats software. According to AWStats I’ve had (see image below):

  • 58, 101 unique visitors to my blog in 2014.
  • Who have visited 149,103 times in 2014.
  • And have resulted in over a million hits in 2014.

AWStats from Hosting Provider Vidahost.

The WordPress Jetpack Annual Report reports that my biggest referrers in 2014 were from social media sites Facebook and Twitter:


Jetpack Annual Report 2014 – How did they find you?


Jetpack Annual Report 2014 – Attractions

The WordPress Jetpack Annual Report indicate that my five most popular posts in 2014 were:


Jetpack Annual Report 2014 – My Posting Patterns

I’ve really grown my blog in the last few years, with Reviews of books, films and technology seeming to make the big difference to increasing the number of visitors. But what keeps my visitors returning seems to be blogging about my personal life. Below is the result of a readers survey undertaken in 2014. It that shows that readers enjoy the current content I create and would like more of everything. It shows that 80% of readers surveyed said that they would like more personal blog posts:


Readers were asked: What sort of blog posts would you like to see more of?

I think these statistics are great. In the next year and beyond I hope to continue to grow my loyal blog readership.

The blog costs money to host and takes up a considerable chunk of my time. So if you have a product or service that you’d like to advertise on the blog, please don’t hesitate to Contact me. Your advert could reach 20,000+ unique visitors a year.

Blog soon,


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