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Jameson Currier

Book Review: Best Gay Romance 2014 Edited by Timothy J. Lambert & R.D Cochrane

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best-gay-romance-2014-cover Best Gay Romance 2014 is a superb collection of fictional short stories about love and romance. Characters in this book are all in different places: some are single, some have just met a special man and some are in a relationship.

Each of the 15 stories is exceptionally well written, gripping and heart warming. Best Gay Romance 2014 has contributions from some of the best gay Writers out there. One or two of the stories did lack depth, but only because they were too short. Three amazing stories in this anthology were:

Strange Propositions by Eric Gober
Strange Propositions is the opening story in Best Gay Romance 2014. The story starts with Kenny ending an unhappy long distance relationship. Then he meets Nate through work and they hit it off. The ending of this story is funny and leaves the reader with a smile.

Sight by Jordan Taylor
In Sight, Noah and Archer have been together since their teen years. Now in their twenties, Archer proposes and Noah says no. It’s a clever story about insecurity and getting over it. It shows the reader what a man will do for someone they really love. When life knocks you off your feet, a good man will be there to help you up. This beautiful story will reignite even the most pessimistic readers hope for love.

Shep: A Dog by Alex Jeffers
Isaac has unrequited love for Jackson. But he is about to learn that men can come along in the most unexpected of situations. Isaac rescues a dog called Shep from drowning in the sea, but can’t find his owner. Unknown to Isaac is that Shep is about to transform into more than he could ever have imagined. A sweet and imaginative story.

All of these short stories share the theme of vulnerability. To be in love and loved back means you sometimes need to be emotionally vulnerable.

If you enjoy romantic tales reads then Best Gay Romance 2014 will delight you. Even if you don’t, Best Gay Romance 2014 will still give you hope that Mr. Right out there; that is, if you haven’t already found him.

Published by: The Gay UK on Tuesday 3rd June 2014.

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