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in threes

It Comes in Threes

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There’s a saying that things, especially bad things, come in threes. I’ve had two unfortunate things happen recently.

First my new laptop that I’ve written about here died in under 1 week. It crashed and froze on start up, meaning it was completely unusable. I tried reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling Windows via Recovery Mode (F2 pressed repeatedly on switch on) but to no avail. However credit must be given where it is due, HP Support were fantastic. They arranged for my faulty laptop to be picked up and replaced it with a new one quickly.


My new HP Laptop died in under one week.

Second the clutch went in my car. Luckily just after I got off the motorway. The RAC towed it to a garage. At the garage we discovered that my car would no longer switch on. This means that as well as the master cylinder that needing replacing, there’s also likely to be another problem with my car.

Currently my car is still with the garage, nearly three weeks later. Hiring a car is starting to get costly and it’s likely that my car will end up being an expensive repair job.


The clutch went in my car. It’s still in the garage, nearly three weeks later.

This poses the question:


Well I’ve got a few contenders. My boiler is playing me up. The speaker and microphone on my iPhone 6 plus is starting to go. This is particularly annoying and frustrating as I’ve only had my iPhone for just over a year. It was a replacement for a previous iPhone that also broke at just over a year old. On my next upgrade I’m most likely to switch to a Samsung Galaxy. Hopefully their phones are better built. My Washer/Dryer has started to sound like a noisy hovercraft taking off.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that whatever the third thing is to brake, it holds off for a few months.

Write soon,



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