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I kissed a boy

The weekend and ‘I kissed a boy’ video

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Hi All,

I have had a wonderful Friday evening and Saturday day with my boyfriend David. Friday started after work in the evening with celebratory drinks, celebrating his birthday. A good time was had by all (hopefully I may have a photo to show you David soon!).

Saturday we spent a lot of time talking which I have come to realise is vitally important in any relationship. Clear communication is important. I am lucky enough that generally David and I are excellent communicators, not to say we don’t have the odd misunderstanding. I must admit that when I got home on Saturday evening to do my application form (see Good & Bad news) I missed him.

On an unrelated topic there has been a song constantly played on Radio 1 called ‘I kissed a girl’. I have heard that some reports in the media claim the female artist is trying to cash in on lesbianism. I have tried to keep away from these media reports for one reason: the song is crap, repetitive and boring! However, I did hear on radio 1 that on YouTube that there is a video of a ‘I kissed a boy’ version sung by males. I could not resist checking it out and bloging about it. Here’s the video:

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The video is unfortuately just an image of the all male band. It is obiously a cheap ploy to get famous or make a name for themselves. But it was extremely refreshing to hear a song about a boy kissing another boy in this hetrosexual world we live in.

Blog soon my friends,


Edited: 15-02-14 @ 09:57 – Changed video as previous one had been removed due to a Copyright request.

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