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Themes from Dr Who (Series 13)

By Tuesday 27 February 2024TV, Online Streaming & Films

This Themes from Dr Who post is really late. I basically forgot a promise I made to myself, which was: Review each Dr Who episode, identify themes and write them up here. I did Series 11 here and Series 12 here.

Series 13 was always going to be special as both Jodie Whittaker (photo left as The Doctor) and Chris Chibnall (one of the lead Writers) had both announced that this would be their last series.

I was excited for the new series, but also a little sad, as Whittaker’s version of The Doctor had really grown on me. At first, I was a bit unsure about having a female Doctor. But Whittaker’s performance was exceptional, even at times when I felt the writing had let her down.

So here are the themes from each episode of Series 13:

Episode 1 – The Halloween Apocalypse

  • The Doctor is very good at escaping seemingly impossible situations.
  • The ‘Bad Guy’ (or in this case Karvanista) isn’t necessarily bad.
  • That Food Banks exist in one of the richest countries of the world.
  • You should notice and pay attention when the TARDIS gives you signs that something is wrong.
  • That this episode was really a set up for the rest of the series and generated a lot of questions to the watcher. But did not provide many answers.

Episode 2 – War of the Sontarans

  • The inspirational Nurse, Mary Seacole is introduced. Her story is partly told over the course of the episode.
  • Joseph Williamson is also introduced. However his characterisation is less than kind.
  • When leaders don’t listen, sometimes it can cost lives.
  • It is sometimes wise to ask yourself: What Would The Doctor Do?

Episode 3 – Once, Upon Time

  • The Doctor is good at weighing up situations and people fast.
  • In the future/forgotten past Doctor was marvellously a black woman.
  • Don’t overthink things, just move forward.
  • Weeping Angels are back and about to cause problems. Remember: Don’t Blink.
  • Love is a good life goal or life mission.

Episode 4 – Village of the Angels

  • A Weeping Angel gains access to and control of the TARDIS.
  • Weeping Angels are quantum beings that send people back into the past and feed off the energy of the people’s unlived future.
  • Any image of a Weeping Angel, becomes itself an Angel.
  • Weeping Angels have an odd sense of humour.

Episode 5 – Survivors of the Flux

  • The Doctor has fears, including the Weeping Angels.
  • No matter what happens, stay on task.
  • Don’t trust people who conveniently turn up and are all to happy to help you with a problem. Ask yourself: What are their motivations and intentions?
  • There is a theory of multiverses. Multiple universes, with ours just being one of a number of universes. I’m not sure on the proposed number of universes, potentially it could be infinite.
  • Morality is a strength.
  • The Doctor inspires and brings hope.
  • The Doctor was found near a wormhole as a child. Apparently lost and abandoned.

Episode 6 – The Vanquishers

  • Sontarans have a weakness for chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks.
  • The Doctor fears the destruction of life. The Doctor feels that: Life should win.
  • That there is something to psychic skills.
  • “Ego Klaxon” – The Doctor, she calls out people with excessive egos.
  • There always seems to be a human who has to die in Doctor Who. It’s like the Doctor isn’t quite clever enough.

Eve of the Daleks

  • Sometimes people let us down, but other times they do not.
  • Never stay in a resetting TARDIS, as you would die.
  • Daleks are mean (like we didn’t know) and their favourite past time is to: exterminate! Described by the Doctor as “the most evil thing in the universe.”
  • Good hearted weirdos are the keepers.

Legend of the Sea Devils

  • Madam Ching, the most famous Chinese Sea Pirate is introduced.
  • Polar shifts would not be a good thing for us humans, fish and Sea Devils might like it though.
  • Nothing is forever.

The Power of the Doctor

  • The Doctor doesn’t like Goodbyes.
  • The Master is a Hypnotist.
  • The Doctor is thousands of years old.
  • Forced Regeneration can be done and undone.

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