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Themes from Doctor Who New Year’s Day Special

By Friday 1 January 2021TV, Online Streaming & Films

The Doctor returns in a New Year’s Day Special. This post looks at the Themes from the episode.

The Darleks are back.


  • Don’t trust a harmless-looking older woman severing tea by the roadside.
  • The spider guy (as Yaz calls him) is always up to no good and should always be watched.
  • Captain Jack is back!
  • You can home grow your own Dalek. You just need a cell or two and knowledge of cloning to get started.
Captain Jack is back! Played by the fabulous John Barrowman.
  • “Being with the doctor, you don’t get to choose when it stops.” – Jack Harkness
  • “Darlek’s are like hate, it spreads unless it’s stopped.” – The Doctor
  • The Doctor missed her companions whilst in Space Jail.
  • Things change because they have to.
  • “New can be very scary.” – The Doctor
  • “it’s okay to be sad.” – Yasmin

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