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Import: John Barrowman’s Success after being dropped by Record Label

By Tuesday 15 July 2014Journalism, Music & Radio

John Barrowman: You Raise Me Up (CD Cover)

John Barrowman recently released his Pledge Music fan-funded album You Raise Me Up. It reached #16 in the UK album charts, much better than two of his previous studio albums with record label Sony.

Another Side (2007) Barrowman released with Sony BMG only managed to reach #22 in the UK album chart. Music Music Music (2008) also with Sony barely entered the UK album chart at #35. After this the record label dropped Barrowman. A fan at a convention in the US later asked Barrowman when his next album was coming out. He explained that it wasn’t and the young fan said: ‘We’ll fund it!’

Barrowman when talking about You Raise Me Up said that he felt privileged to make the album and that: ‘I think this is the best album that I’ve ever, ever made.’

Despite dropping to #25 on the UK album charts this week, it seems that Barrowman is having more success with Pledge Music (a site that allows fans to pledge money to artists in exchange for a copy of the album, merchandise and meet and greet opportunities) than he was with the record label.

So does this mean that the Record Labels need to watch out? Comment below.

Published by: The Gay UK on Tuesday 15th July 2014.

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