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TV – Torchwood: Miracle Day, Episode 4

By Tuesday 9 August 2011TV, Online Streaming & Films

Episode 4 was some what forgettable. The Torchwood team travel to California to Phi Cop’s Head Office. From the data they got from the PR Agents computer, they need a server to find out whose behind Miracle Day. As the team plan how to get in to Phi Cop and get pass the biometric security in to the server room, they are being followed. It seems that whoever is behind Miracle Day has hired a hit man to take out Captain Jack.

Meanwhile medical leaders in America decide to use an old hospital to house those that should be dead but aren’t. A “good” citizen decides starts a dead is dead campaign. She argues that those that should be dead should have no rights. Oswald (the openly admitted and found guilty paedophile and murder) not wanting to face a mob and enjoying his new found celebrity status steps in and becomes the voice of the living dead. The people behind Miracle Day crush the “good” citizens car with her inside, in order to get rid of her. It also means she’s now the living dead. In the UK Gwen is in touch with Rhys about her father and asks Rhys to get her father out of the hospital. She has a feeling and doesn’t trust them.

As the team enter Phi Cop’s server room all is going well, until the hit man comes along. The hit man is curious as to why his employers want Jack dead, and he explains that work has been quiet since Miracle Day (seen as no one can die). Rex shoots the hit man just as he’s about to reveal his employers. The team escape with the Phi Cop servers.

Once they start to look at the servers they find all sorts of plans for Miracle Day including over-flow camps to house the living dead. Rhys rings Gwen saying he’s got her father in an over flow camp and she pleads with him to get him back. This ends the episode for this week.

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