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Blogs of Interest: An Update

By Saturday 20 August 2011The Web

Every now and then I go in search of new blogs to read. So I’ve scoured the web and added some new blogs to the Blogs of Interest section on the sidebar. The new blogs are:

  • Dead Robot – A blog of a gay man, look good so thought I’d add it.
  • Follow My Bliss – A blog of an American comedian who quit her desk job to follow her bliss. Loved the idea of following her bliss or what makes her happy. And since she is doing what makes her happy and my main mission in life is to be happy, she was a must have addition to my Blogs of Interest.
  • Occult View – A pagan blog – A pagan blog that looks really interesting. Love the background half day and half night. Thought it was worth keeping an eye on.
  • Eavesdropping in the Boys Club – A blog written by a man, for women to know what men think about dating and relationships. As a “reformed womanizer, a liar and a cheat” he has some really interesting blog posts.
  • Curly Hair and False Eyelashes – A blog of a 27 year old woman with secondary breast cancer. Blog posts often inspiring, sometimes funny and always worth a read.

    Now blogs that have been removed from my Blogs of Interest section of the sidebar and the reasons why:

  • Mike Lawson’s Blog – He very rarely blogs these days and when he does it seems to be nothing but a negative rant. Whereas at first, I thought it was cleverly, witty and well argued now it just seems like a bitter-queen-rant. No offence to the author just my opinion
  • Thoughly Good Blog – The blogger loves the Proms and I have no issue with that, it’s just I don’t. And these days it’s all he seems to blog about, apart from his thoughts of occasional bits of news. He’s grown his blog and changed it to attract a certain audience and I feel like I’ve been left behind. Again, no offence intended to the author.
  • And I Am Sombody – Removed as my Norton comes up saying it’s got webrooter attacks on the site and that it’s blocked them. For safety I’ve not included the link here. Plus he never updates. It’s ashame as I used to enjoy reading his blog and it never used to have webrooter attacks on it.
  • All the others that I haven’t mentioned have remained on from my last update and are ones that are constant. Ones that I continue to enjoy to read. So go and check some of them out.

    Happy Reading,


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