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The Guardian’s Charlie Brooker

By Sunday 19 September 2010The Web

I recently discovered The Guardian’s Charlie Brooker. I enjoy reading his weekly online articles often about TV, politics or what ever he feels he wants to write about. I like that his own voice comes through in his writing, which he seems to achieve by using wit and humor.

I read one of his articles entitled Forget those creative writing workshops. If you want to write, get threatened, where he said if you want to get that idea for a novel actually on paper you need to get yourself a deadline. Good advice Charlie! I need to get myself a deadline if I want to write three short stories before the end of this year (see Goals for 2010).

I’ve added Charlie to my ‘Blogs of Interest’ as although, strictly speaking, not a blog, it is something I take pleasure from when reading. With the ‘Blogs of Interest’ in mind, I’ve removed Wyatt’s Blog as he’s stopped blogging and turned in to an online shopping store.

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