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Kreativ Blogger Award

By Sunday 21 March 2010The Web

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award
Thank you Mike, who nominated me with his blog post entitled Kreativ Blogger Award.
(We are both like so creative, using the same title lol.)

2. Copy the award logo and place it on your blog

3. Link to the person who nominated you
I already do on the sidebar and also done above.

4. List seven things about yourself that other people might find interesting
One – People say that I’m funny, the entertainer of the group.
Two – I have 5 plants which are still alive, approximately two years after purchase…and NO they are not plastic.
Three – Rather than go to work, I’d quite like to be a hobbit, whoops I mean hermit (always get those words mixed up) and write books.
Four – My faviourate colours are blue and yellow.
Five – Twice in my life, I have seen the interconnectedness of the universe for a split second.
Six – Sometimes I struggle with life, particularly loneliness.
Seven – When I feel lonely, I smile, hoping, knowing that there is someone out there for everyone…and I’ve just not found him yet.

5. Nominate seven Kreativ Bloggers (In alphabetical order)
One – Amber Benson first discovered from her role as Tara on Buffy, instantly fell in love with her. And once I discovered she’s a writer, film maker and all round creative – loved her even more.
Two – Bad Witch discovered some-what accidentally and loved. The blog of a pagan, discover her as she learns and develops. 😀
Three – Clever Girl an American chick-lit style writer, often her posts make me laugh.
Four – Gay Banker a London banker’s interesting life. Exploring the banking world, the gay world (literally world – he travels to China, etc.) and giving advice.
Five – Mike is a fellow gay blogger. Love his honest and open approach to life. Thanks Mike – keep blogging, one of my faviourate blogs of all time!
Six – Sye a good friend of mine and the person who did the artwork for my website (see Geeky Post: Website Development).
Seven – Wyatt although he doesn’t blog that often now, when he does it’s an enjoyable read.

6. Link to their blogs – well, you can do on the right here…
Done, see above & sidebar.

7. Tell them you’ve nominated them…
Will be done, when this blog post publishes. (Note to self – do this now)

I found this interesting article about where the Kreativ Blogger Award came from. Simon, the blogger of the link states that it has become a bit of chain blogging. I however see it as appreciation for the creativity and hard work that goes in to the writing/editing of my blog.

“So thank you.” Antony said.

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