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By Saturday 28 November 2009The Web

Observant readers will notice I have added some new blogs to my Blogs of Interest. Here are the new additions and why I’ve added them:

Amber Benson’s Offical Blog, Amber Benson is well known for her role as Tara in Buffy, but she’s also a talented writer and director. I love reading Amber’s view of the world it’s kind and honest.

Boing Boing, a random blog. Lots of pictures and videos, love the randomness.

Over Your Head is a blog from a gay guy in London. He blogs about anything he sees as relevant so it’s quite eclectic. A good read.

Stephen Fry’s blog, OK not a new read for me! I’ve been reading Stephen’s blog for a while. Like his critical eye on the world and his informed well-thought-out views.

So if I’m not updating enough to feed your blog fix, please visit one of the above blogs.

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