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Hooked on Big Brother

By Friday 5 June 2009TV, Online Streaming & Films

Usually I struggle to get in to Big Brother until the last 6 housemates. Even then I watch it under duress because my entire social circle is talking about it.

But this year, I’m hooked. My early faviourates are:

1. Rodrigo – The brazian has a positive outlook on life with a cheeky smile. The first to become a “offical housemate”. He seems really genuine, but only time will tell the truth.

2. Charlie – The hunky, gay guy. His jordie accent is lovely as is his energy. I love the way he mentioned Andrew before entering the house stating “I hope Andrew is watching” (I am assuming it his is boyfriend, which is lovely of him to mention in this hetrosexual world)

3. Kris – His trademark hair makes him one of my early favs. He is a good looking guy, although does love him self and risks becoming arrogant though.

4. Beinazir – The only girl that stands out to me. Love her cultral dress but like her down-to-earth attitude. The other girls all seem bland and characterless. Just my opinion ofcourse, which I’m sure will change with time.

(All the boys in my favs are hot, sorry David – love you! But I have chosen my favs based on personality as well as looks – promise.)

Who are your favs? Post a comment and let me know.

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