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Every now and again I search the web for some new blogs. Here’s the latest additions to the Blogs of Interest section on the side bar:

  • Cynicism and the City – A blog of a gay man that I found to be really interesting. He is also a really engaging writer. He writes about things in his life. He describes himself as: Twenty one, no wiser. Hopeless romantic or heartless cynic? You decide.
  • Stephen’s Blog – Writing about all sorts of topics that takes his interest including: men, music, sports, political issues, etc.
  • Adam M is 30 – I love that Adam does a “What I Learned This Week” post as well as anything else he sees as worth a post.
  • branches up, roots down – A pagan blog. Each and every post causes you to think and is well written. It is a truly insightful blog that I look forward to enjoying.
  • The Modern Hermit – A gay man’s blog were he writes about computer games and his love life. Another well written blog.
  • Top to Bottom – A blog that explores homosexuality.
  • + Twenty One – A blog by a guy called Wayne who blogs about his friends and other items of interest. Thought it was worth keeping an eye on.

Enjoy the new reads, Blog soon,


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