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X Factor Live

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Ok, so this weeks Live X Factor. Here’s who I loved, who I liked, who was interesting and who was bland (my opinion of course).

Who I loved…
1. Jamie Archer – Loved the Jacket, his afro and his overall style. Liked the rock music, made a change for the X Factor. Like soft rock.

2. Danyl Johnson – Initally I thought it was going to be a load of crap on the VT with all the judges saying it was a womans song. But he pulled it off and very well indeed including the high notes at the end.

Mini rant about Danni Minogue’s comment….
I was pissed off with Danni Minogue who made a comment about not needing to change the gender in the words, implying that he was gay. He apparently (according to A Cheryl Cole fansite and AC) he’s come out as bisexual in one of the National Papers. Regardless of what his sexuality is, why all the questions about it? You know at one time (remember Will Young on PopIdol?) no one thought to ask about anyone’s sexuality. And to make an apparent “outing” comment about it by Danni Minogue has really annoyed me. What right as she to out anyone? Nobody should feel they have the right to out anyone else. I guess hetrosexuals don’t care about outing anyone in this hetrosexual world. Rant over, on to who I liked.

Who I liked…
3. Olly Mers – smart, shaven, sexy and superve singer.

4. Lloyed Daniels – He has a lovely smile, boyband blonde hair and had a fantastic voice. He is bound to do well and he is a heart throb who will be loved by teen girls.

5. Joe McElderry – Not sure about the song choice, but good voice and looked good (had really nice hair).

6. Lucie Jones – A beautiful and talented young woman.

Who was interesting…
7. John and Edward – I liked their entrance on to the stage. I also liked the “prep school boy” look. But not the best singing, there was even a point were one of them moved the mic away from his mouth before he’d finished singing.

Thought the rest were very bland. Nothing really stood out about them. Just my opinion.

Blog TV-square-eyed soon,


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