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Book Review: The Self-Preservation Society by Kate Harrison

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The-Self-Preservation-Society-Kate-Harrison The Self-Preservation Society by Kate Harrison was a book I picked up because it was on offer.

In it you meet Jo Morgan who puts all her energy in to minimising the risk in her life. Accident prevention is part of her job as is planning for catastrophes that might happen. But it is not just a job to her, it´s a way of life. Her long term boyfriend Dennis her senior at work also shares this way of life and it seems to be their bond.

Then Jo is the victim of a hit and run accident and everything starts to change as Jo realises that she can´t avoid all risks in life. Jo goes on a inner journey to explore why she has a deep desire to prevent accidents and plan for catastrophes. With guidance from new found friends Jo starts to take risks and begins her outer transformation. Jo´s life with Dennis starts to fall apart as a new one is created through her inner soul searching and outer risk taking. The conclusion of the book is the transformation of Jo to a much happier well rounded individual.

Jo Morgans character feels some what false at times because Jo´s views on risk minimisation in life are too extreme, especially at the beginning of the book. The plot is far too predictable and I would find myself reading other books rather than finishing this one.

You can buy The Self-Preservation Society by Kate Harrison on Amazon.

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