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X Factor 2009

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Wow, I actually really enjoyed the X Factor last night. I usually cringe at the bad singers (and even get embarrased for them!). But this year it seemed to have a feel-all-warm-and-happy feel about it. It made me laugh at parts and for the first time I found the X Factor funny.

It was good to see more gay people in this hetrosexual world on the programme too. It shows the culture is changing. Believe it or not at one time there just weren’t gay people on the tele. Some were good and some were bad, not unlike our straight counter parts.

I also realised that Manchester has talent! Well mostly but we got quite a few yeses. I’d like the winner to be from Manchester.

Finally there was a feel-good end with Daniel, a teacher 27 years old. He seemed to be a born performer and also had nice deep brown eyes. Simon Cowell called him a “great performer,” My god Simon, have you had a personality transplant?

I want to use this opportunity to say I also quite like the new JSL song:

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