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Book Review: Room by Emma Donoghue

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Room by Emma Donoghue is an absolutely fascinating read. Split in to three distinct parts, in the first we are introduced to five year old Jack and his Ma. Jack and his Ma live in a twelve foot square room, hidden away from the world. Indeed Jack thinks that what he sees on the TV is made up and that only him, Ma and Old Nick (the bringer of things) are the only people that really exist. We learn how they spend their days, Ma devoting much of her time to Jack’s up bringing during the day. At nights sometimes Old Nick visits, getting in to Ma’s bed. Jack knows to sleep in the wardrobe on these nights. Written in the voice of Jack, the first few chapters are a difficult read as he speaks of inanimate objects as if they are people and as a five year old child at times is grammatically incorrect.

In part two Jack and Ma discovers that Old Nick lost his job some months ago and that there is a risk that the bank may repossess his house. This means that they’d discover Old Nicks secret – that he is keeping Jack and Ma against their will in a purpose built Room in the garden. Ma knows that Old Nick won’t allow them to find him, so that means that Jack and Ma need to escape. Ma comes up with a cunning plan and what follows are several chapters of heart-racing action as Jack plays dead and we discover if Jack will escape to be able to save Ma.

Part three follows Jack and Ma, after they’ve been saved. Both Ma and Jack struggle to cope and adjust to the wide world around them. Particularly Jack, as a mere few months ago he didn’t know that this world existed. The ending is a feel good one, which shows the power of the human spirit and a mothers love for a child. It is a best seller for good reason, it is well worth a read.

You can buy Room by Emma Donoghue on Amazon.

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