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Money: 5 Ways to Save Yourself a Small Fortune

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We could all do with saving a little money here and there. Here are five great ways to save yourself a small fortune:

5. Buy less coffee.
We all like a Starbucks or a Costa. If you’re a regular customer at a coffee shop, try to reduce your visits. One less cup equals a few pounds of savings. These savings will quickly add up over the month.

I have a need for coffee, especially first thing in the morning. If you’re like me, consider investing in a thermal flask and making time during your morning routine to fill it with coffee before you leave the house.

4. Take lunch to work, rather than buying it.
You can easily spend a fiver a day on lunch at work. For a fraction of the price you can buy the ingredients at the supermarket, then make and take your own lunch to work.

To make it easy on myself, every Sunday evening, I make the lunches for the entire work week and pop them in the fridge. Each morning before I leave for work I pop my lunch into my bag.

3. Give up smoking and/or alcohol.
The average cost of a packet of cigarettes is £8.74. The average cost of a litre of vodka is £15. Cutting these vices out, or even just cutting down will save you a load of money.

2. When buying something, ask yourself: Do I really need this?
We are all guilty of impulse purchases. We are all guilty of buying things to make ourselves feel better when we are having a bad day. By asking yourself: Do I really need this? Every time you’re about to buy something, it will reduce the amount of impulse purchases you make. How much money you save by asking yourself this, depends on what you pick up to buy.

But asking myself this question has saved me literally thousands of pounds. It’s stopped me buying high-priced items that I didn’t really need, such as: new cars, new mobile phones and new computers.

1. Shop around for everything.
Shop around for everything and by this I mean everything. Every area of expenditure: household bills, insurances, travel, food, clothes, credit, gifts, etc.

The difference in prices can be phenomenal. You can literally save hundreds or thousands of pounds per year by shopping around for the best deals.

How else can you save yourself a small fortune? If you’ve got ideas, please leave a comment below.

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