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Not a Happy Bunny

By Life, Thinking2 Comments

I am not a happy bunny tonight. And here’s why:

1. Being broke. Quite some time ago I posted about my debts (see Financial Blues). And even though I increased my payments and I have paid off over £3, 000, I feel broke & like I’m getting no where. I earn more than I have ever in my life, yet feel more broke than I have in my life.

My solution to this problem: I have bought a lotto ticket and three euro millions tickets. I usually buy ONE ticket when I feel a little broke (the week before payday for example), so you can imagine how broke I actually feel!

2. House. This is not my home. It is a house I share with house mates.

  • And it is a trashed by house mates. I tidy and it gets trashed again.
  • The walls are paper thin. I can hear house mates phone conversations, music playing, weeing, sneazing, snoring, etc.
  • There isn’t enough space. I basically live in one room (my bedroom) which is the biggest room in the house. Yet it is tiny because of the amount of stuff I have got that fill the space and make it cramped. Nothing has a place and is just stuffed were ever it will fit.
  • This is as far away from my ideal home as possible.

    My solution to this problem: I will move out. Apart from I can’t afford it because of point 1. Am I stuck in a rutt?

    3. Tired. I am very tired. I am exhaused and this probably makes the other things see worse than they are or maybe not. Maybe they are exactually as bad as I feel they are right now.

    Anyway, now that I’ve told you my woes I am off to bed.

    Night, Night,


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