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Pretty Scary Pride

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Gay pride isn’t usually associated with anything scary or frightening. I mean with it’s array of colour and campness how could it be? Well I’ve attended Manchester Gay Pride for a number of years and always had a great time. Not only is it a big party but you get a warm feeling inside knowing that you’re helping to support gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans charities. However this year was to be different…

On a wet Saturday afternoon in the city centre I was ready to play my part in the parade. Wearing a white paint print t-shirt and white jogging bottoms with bright coloured hankies stitched down the sides I was ready to go. The parade set off and it was not long before I felt really unwell. I felt tired and a bit shaky. I was having a hypo. So I sent a friend to the float to get my bag with my chocolate in, sugar being the remedy for a hypo which normally kicks in pretty fast. He toodled off to get my bag.

Then my eye sight seemed to switch it’s self on and off intermittently. I could see and then for a split second just black, then back to seeing. I looked at my hand and up my arm all of which seemed to be shaking. I started to feel like I was loosing my balance and then I got a massive pain in my chest and remember my hand going towards my chest before everything going black.

I came round in an ambulance with two gay, sexy paramedics. One putting some sugar based gel in my mouth and then the other taking my details. I was on my way to hospital with another friend accompanying me. Apparently I had had a fit and fell to the floor hurting my cheek (see photo below), knee, back and arms on the floor.

It took me a while before I came round sat in the accident and emergency department at the hospital. But when I did I couldn’t remember if I thanked them. I should have thanked them and gave them my number so I could buy them both a drink when they were off duty. My excuse for buying them a drink would have been to say thanks, but the real reason, well I’ll leave that upto your imagination. If only I’d been more with it in the ambulance.

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