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Honda S2000 Yellow Convertible

A Long FANTASTIC Bank Holiday Weekend

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What a fantastic weekend it’s been!

Friday I saw my friend Simon, had a brew and a long overdue catch up.

Saturday some new tables arrived. I’d bought some gorgeous small tempered black glass ones to replace the chunky wooden ones I had. This made room for the kitten climbing centres I bought. Shaun (my long lost brother, blog post coming soon to explain, promise) came round and helped me build them. Bless him, he had only come round for a brew. We had a good day, just talking and building the tables. It was ace to spend some brotherly bonding time together.

Sunday I went seeing the kittens. Oh how big they’ve gotten in three weeks! And they’ve now got names! Of course, I’ve got photos for you:

(Dylan saying hello)
(Russell chilling)
(The boys playing together)
(Me bonding with Dylan, letting him smell me)
(A kittens work is never done! Dylan found some news paper to shred!)

Today (Monday) I went out for a drive with my good friend JB. We went to a nice country pub for lunch in his flashy Honda S2000 Yellow Convertible. Then we headed to one of my favourite places for ice cream:

Hope you had an equally fantastic bank holiday, roll on the next one!

Take care,


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