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Graham Davies

No Excuse Not to Use a Condom – TheGayUK launches Project that sends FREE Condoms through the post

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the-gay-uk-logo The Gay UK has recently launched it’s ‘No Excuses Project’ which aims to make sure that gay men never have any excuse not to use a condom. They’ve teamed up with NHS Freedom’s Shop to have condoms delivered to your door, through the post for free.

Here’s what Jake Hook, The Gay UK‘s had to say about the project:
“I was watching Channel 4’s The Sex Clinic and it occurred to me that somehow we’re being failed as a community in relation to sex health education. With cuts to vital services and the upward trend of new HIV infections in the UK, either people aren’t freely able to access condoms or don’t know that they can dramatically make the sex you have safer.

“The day after the programme, I rang Katy Harrad at The Freedoms Shop and asked whether Freedoms would be able to help us out with condoms, luckily for us, she’s just as passionate about safer sex as we are.

“We’re working towards making sure that there is No Excuse – ever – not to have a condom in your home or pocket.”

Graham & Jake Co-Founders of The Gay UK

Graham & Jake Co-Founders of The Gay UK

Generally gay pubs & clubs are good at giving out or having available free safe sex packs – but that’s only useful if you live close the venues. Sexual health clinics are also a good source of free condoms, but this relies on having the confidence to step through the door.

So this idea of having condoms delivered to your door, discreetly packaged and for free is a brilliant idea. The Gay UK have already got celebrity backing from stand-up comedian Pam Ann, who is reported to have said: “If it’s NOT ON… it’s NOT ON!” They’ve been to as many Pride Festivals as they can promoting the campaign including: Oxford, Edinburgh, Reading, North Wales, Gloucester, Warwickshire and Doncaster.

no-excuse-project-logo You can learn more about the ‘No Excuses Project’ and get your FREE condoms here:

I’m so glad The Gay UK set up this sexual health campaign. I’m proud to write for and be involved with The Gay UK; a free gay online magazine which has an ever-growing readership and is already a huge success.

Take care & be safe,



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