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My Samhain Witch Bottle for Wealth

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Triple Goddess Symbol.

This year Simon and I celebrated Samhain together. We talked about loved ones on the other side of the veil, we did some card readings for one another – experimenting with The Crystal Ally Cards and the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards, burned things we would like to banish in the year ahead and made Witch Bottles.

My Witch Bottle is for Wealth. It contains: pieces of carnelian, amethyst & blue sodalite, glitter (silver, green & red), Dorothy Morrison’s Puttin’ on the Witch oil, Dorothy Morrison’s Rich Bitch oil, a scroll with symbolism on, some of my hair, energy with intention and emotion and sealed with gold wax.

Then the whole bottle was anointed with Dorothy Morrison’s St. Dorothy the Wicked Oil and put in moon light over night.

Here’s some photos of my Witch Bottle:


My Samhain Witch Bottle for Wealth (1).


My Samhain Witch Bottle for Wealth (2).

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