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90% of all the ice on the planet

Did You Know? (Part 3 – Geography)

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Did You Know?

This is the third in a series of Did You Know? blog posts. Each blog post gives ten fascinating facts on a particular topic. In part 1 the topic was science. In part 2 the topic was history.

Today, I give you ten facts about Geography:

1. Africa is the only continent that is in all 4 hemispheres: North, South, East and West.

2. Canada has half of all natural lakes in the world.

3. At 8, 848 metres (29, 029 feet), Mount Everest is the world’s highest mountain.

4. Out of the highest 25 peaks in the world, 19 are in the Himalayas.

5. Every continent has a city called Rome, apart from Antartica.

6. The Antartica ice cap has 29m cubic kilometres of ice and represents 90% of all the ice on the planet.

7. Australia is wider than the moon.

8. The UK has over 100 small islands around it.

9. The Dead Sea is made up of 33.7% salt, an unusually high concentration, and it is this that allows people to easily float due to natural buoyancy.

10. Russia is the largest country in the world covering an area of 17,075,400 square kilometres.

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