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Hope Not Hate

We need to fight against them

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As many of you may have read or heard the BNP did well in the recent elections. The BNP have a history of racism & homophobia. Normally I wouldn’t give them the time of day on this blog, but these are exceptional circumstances. We need to fight against them.

They have done well because of the recent public anger at MP’s expenses as reported by the Telegraph. I understand and empathise with the various points of view (and perhaps at some point will give mine), but lets just focus here, yeah?

The BNP say all sorts of mad things including: immigrants brought drug addiction with them, immigrants should all be sent back to the countries of their origins. Let’s value equality for all and celebrate diversity that makes this country great.

A organisation called Hope Not Hate has been set up to fight against the BNP. They have set up an online petition called ‘Not in My Name’. It is to say that you don’t recognise or want the recently elected BNP memebers in the European Parliament. Whilst it won’t achieve their removal, it will show that we stand united against racism and homophobia.

Sign the petition here:

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