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Book Review: The Fallen by Charlie Higson

The Enemy Series is a series of books by Charlie Higson about all adults becoming diseased sicko’s that like to eat children. The stories are about the kids survival (or not). This review will be like the ones I’ve done for the other books in the series – it will give an overview of the […]

Book Review: The Dead by Charlie Higson

The Dead is a prequel to The Enemy and like most I desperately wanted to find out what would happen to Maxie, Blue and the others on the cliff hanger at the end of The Enemy. I wanted to find out if Little Sam would ever make it back to the group and expected to […]

New books, but is it a good sign?

The publishing industry have released a few books by some of my faviourate authors. I knew about The Dead by Charlie Higson, which I bought this month. I’m about half way through it, so expect a review soon! I’ve reviewed The Enemy which you can read here. I also bought The Diary of a Young […]

I want…The Dead by Charlie Higson

I loved The Enemy by Charlie Higson, indeed I even wrote a book review: Book Review: The Enemy by Charlie Higson. Now I´ve just discovered on The Young Bond Dossier that the much awaited sequal entitled The Dead is to be realised in October 2010. And look here´s the cover: I´m so excited, I´ve found […]