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Samhain 2013: Castlerigg Stone Circle

For Samhain this year a friend and I visited Castlerigg Stone Circle in Cumbria. Here are some photo collages, click on any of them for the full size image: Blog soon, Antony

The Best Summer in Years (2013) – A Photo Slideshow

It was Mabon over the weekend. Mabon is the autumn equinox, a pagan festival were light and dark are in balance; before it starts to get darker. This has caused me to think about Summer. Summer 2013 has had the most fantastic weather we’ve seen in the last few years. It’s been bright, hot and […]

A Special Robe

Sometime after the death of my young brother Alex (see My Darling Baby Brother), all of his siblings got a small amount of money from his estate to buy something to remember him. I thought about what to buy for months, months and months. I thought about a tattoo, he liked tattoos but it isn’t […]

Samhain 2012

This year Samhain was a two day event! It started on Tuesday (30th) night when Sye and I carved pumpkins (for how to carve pumpkins see Making a pumpkin lantern for Samhain). Here’a our finished pumpkins: Left: Jill – looking shocked (mine), Right: Jacko Sye’s piece of artwork. (Click on image for full size.) Sye […]