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My iMac and The Blue Screen of Death

I’m sat here writing this post on an old, dodgy and excruciatingly slow old Windows 7 laptop. Why? Because my iMac (see iMac Part 1 & iMac Part 2) has shown me: a black unresponsive screen, several not-booting-up grey screens and the infamous blue screen of death. I won’t bore you with the tedious details […]

Yuletide Preparations

With Yuletide (or Christmas) on it’s way, I had a week off this week to prepare. Monday I bought a real Christmas tree, named Trevor: (Click on image for full size image, Trevor was decorated by me at some point in the week!) I manged to spend time with my Grandma on Wednesday, leaving time […]

Technology Review: My Book Home Network Storage

Like most homes today mine has more than one computer. I have infact two, a laptop for surfing the net and a desktop in the office / guest room. But I was becoming increasingly fustrated with having my music, pictures and documents split across the two. I’d log on to my desktop to find a […]