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Review of 2010 Goals I set myself

I thought I’d review the goals I set for 2010 before I write my ones for 2011.

First off Health:

1. To get my diabetes under better control by testing my blood sugars at least twice a day.
2. To put on weight. (I know most people want to loose it, but I am 10 stone which is less than I weighed at 15 years old when I was 12 stone)

My blood sugars are under better control since I learn’t to cook during my brief excursion to Benidorm (see Welcome to Benidorm and Back Home). I’m still working on testing my blood sugars twice a day. I’ve also put on a bit of weight. I still need to test my sugars twice a day.

  • Goal 1. partially completed.
  • Goal 2. fully completed.

Next Education:

3. To complete a further two modules towards my degree.

I completed one module earlier on in the year (see Promoting and Influencing Health module results) and have just completed another module on Leadership. In the new year I need to complete my Dissertation module and complete a Change for Children module.

  • Goal 3. completed!


4. To write three short stories.
5. To enter these short stories in Writing Competitions.
6. To read at least fourteen books.
7. To update/tweak/add & remove sections of my website. (as the rest of the site as been poorly maintained since the new site design)

I haven’t managed to do any creative writing this year. Although I have read a total of 14 Books (see Book List 2010). I just need to update it and add The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, which I finished reading the other day – review coming soon, promise.

I also have updated the website, although it’s still a work in progress.

  • Goal 4. and 5. not completed.
  • Goal 6. and 7. completed.

Paganism & Spirituality:

Paganism & Spirituality
8. To host two psychic parties.
9. To buy Astral Projection for Beginners, read it and practice the exercises for more controlled astral projection.
10. Continue to work on invokation of Apollo.
11. Continue to follow Pagan Festivals.

I didn’t manage to host any psychic parties this year. I did buy Astral Travel for Beginners by Richard Webster but didn’t like his writing style and have not finished reading it. I have just ordered Astral Projection for Beginners by Edain McCoy as I like Edain’s writing style.

I have continued to follow Pagan Festivals but haven’t continue to work on invokation of Apollo.

  • Goal 8., 9. and 10. not completed.
  • Goal 11. completed.


12. Save regularly.
13. Pay off an Overdraft.
14. Live more frugally.

I haven’t managed to save regularly, pay off my overdraft or live more frugally. Indeed moving to and from Benidorm has increased my debt. However I have taken in a house mate to help pay off my debts quicker and am making good progress.

  • Goal 12., 13. and 14. not completed.

And Finally, Travel

15. Book a holiday to MyKonos and save for it.

Didn’t quite get to MyKonos, but did get to Benidorm.

  • Goal 15. not completed.

Although more goals were not completed than completed this year; I feel as though I have learned more this year than in the last two. My excursion to Benidrom taught me so much more than I realised at the time. Life sometimes gives opportunities for “life experience” learning. This life experience learning can’t be put on a goals list; as life decides when to offer these opportunities to you.

Will blog soon with my Goals for 2011 post!


Nursing to become a Degree only Profession

In the News a few weeks ago (see BBC News – Nursing to become graduate entry) it was announced that Nurses from 2013 will only be able to train at Degree level. I have mixed feelings about this.

I am proud to be a Nurse. I orignally trained as a Diploma student purely for financial reasons. In doing the Diploma the NHS paid all of my tutition fees and gave me a small monthly bursary. If this had not been on offer it would have not been financially viable for me to train. My fellow Diploma students were mostly in their late twenties or early thirties and had young families, the tutition fees and the small bursery enabled them to train. These mature students all reported that they wouldn’t have been able to afforded financially to do the Degree course as they would have had to pay all their own tutition fees and recieved no bursary. My fellow students I saw on the wards and found them to be caring and ultimately became very knowledgeable competent Nurses.

Social Work is a graduate only profession, meaning that all Social Workers trained after a certain point are degree qualified. Making Nursing a degree level profession adds credability to the profession, increases Nurses knowledge and overall will enhance patient care. Indeed I have recently gone back to University to upgrade my Diploma to a Degree (see Back to University). All Nurses would agree that enhancing patient care is always a positive thing. So there are lots of positives to making Nursing a degree level profession.

My fear is that people don’t always go in to Nursing as their first profession (i.e. straight from school / college) such as my forma colleagues who were mature students who struggle financially. And even some people who are not mature students such as myself couldn’t have afforded to go in to Nursing if it was a Degree only profession. Therefore we potentially could miss out on some people who have the potential to be good Nurses (i.e. have a caring nature, a desire to make a difference, etc.). So my message to the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the NHS, the educational institutions and the government is:
Continue to make Nurse training financially viable for people from all walks of life regardless of: gender, sexuality, race, religion & disability.

Take Care,


Money Magick

I previously posted about my finances (See Credit Crunch). I had wrote a letter to the bank explaining my income, my expenses and one off expenses this month (MOT, Road Tax, etc.). I also advised the bank when the best time (for me) would be to reduce my overdraft facility. I then sent out some energy intentioned to help sort out my finances into the astral plane.
(Note: Citrine is a good crystal for money magick.)

I recieved a letter a few days ago from the bank stating they will not reduce my overdraft this month. They have stated that they will review my account monthly. So I still need to watch what I spend and save up to pay the overdraft back a.s.a.p.

It reminded me of my strong will and personal power that I have to influence mine and others lives. But I always need to remember: With great power comes great responsibility.

In love and light,

Antony x