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Review of 2010 Goals I set myself

I thought I’d review the goals I set for 2010 before I write my ones for 2011. First off Health: Health 1. To get my diabetes under better control by testing my blood sugars at least twice a day. 2. To put on weight. (I know most people want to loose it, but I am […]

Nursing to become a Degree only Profession

In the News a few weeks ago (see BBC News – Nursing to become graduate entry) it was announced that Nurses from 2013 will only be able to train at Degree level. I have mixed feelings about this. I am proud to be a Nurse. I orignally trained as a Diploma student purely for financial […]

Money Magick

I previously posted about my finances (See Credit Crunch). I had wrote a letter to the bank explaining my income, my expenses and one off expenses this month (MOT, Road Tax, etc.). I also advised the bank when the best time (for me) would be to reduce my overdraft facility. I then sent out some […]